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Ellie & Mike Hadley are the Co-owners and operators of Maehem Spirits Craft Distillery.

Mike was born and raised in the Alberni Valley and is a proud alumni of the Alberni Valley Wrestling Club and currently continues his successful career in the Electrical trade with Western Forest Products. As a long time member of the Kin Club of Port Alberni, he’s had many opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community and he was instrumental in the return of the Little Lightening in the Valley soap-box derby event in 2016.

Ellie moved to Port Alberni in 2009 and has been teaching dance in the Valley since then, she’s also volunteered at many local events, helped organize and run events at McLean Mill, Brie & Barrel and the Five Acre Shaker (including the 2020 New Years party!). You can bump into her at one of our favourite local craft breweries (Dog Mountain Brewing) where she’s currently working part time whilst getting Maehem operational.

She graduated from the NIC Craft Brewing course in June 2021 and gained additional experience in craft brewing and distilling at Sons of Vancouver Distillery, Twin City Brewing and Misguided Spirits throughout 2020 and 2021.

Alongside their busy careers, Mike and Ellie discovered a love for home brewing and craft cocktails in their travels across Canada, the UK and Mexico… then in 2020 they had the crazy idea of turning those passions into a craft distillery.

They could see how the local craft alcohol industry was booming and presented a unique opportunity to encourage new skills and job opportunities in the Valley, as well as offer a place for locals to enjoy a craft cocktail (hand made on site!) in a fun and safe environment through the tasting lounge.

Our Vision - 2

Our vision for Maehem Spirits is to create a community within a community. We want to add to the growth of our small town with opportunities to learn new skills, more jobs and a safe inclusive place to connect with friends. Too many people blink and miss the wonderful activities, businesses and people that Port Alberni has to offer on their drive through… it’s time to encourage them to stop a while and enjoy it.

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